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Let your father remember the good time teaching you fishing


Unlike a large number of other brands that buy pre-designed products, the design and innovation are the key points of difference that set Brandon United Fishingearshopping apart from the competition. Every element of the lure design is broken down and developed, from aesthetic and model design, swim actions, materials used, the attention to detail and manufacturing techniques, hook designs, attracting features like rattles and scents, colours to suit species targeting and regions. This design process can take anywhere between 9 - 24 months.

Fishingearshopping was founded in 2006 with the purpose of creating awesome experiences and lasting memories for passionate predator anglers using rod, reel and lure. We do this by designing and offering innovative and unique lures that move like nothing else you've ever seen.


One of the foundations of Fishingearshopping is a deep passion for fishing and the outdoors. We believe that in a time where people are spending more and more time in front of a screen, and with environmental problems like global warming, acid rain and water pollution, sport fishing has an important part to play.

Spending time outside fishing increases people's appreciation for nature and the awareness of existing problems. Encouraging people to get out there and enjoy the sport is therefore at the very core of our mission to create awesome experiences and lasting memories.


During the economic crisis in 2008, I closed my last fishing gear store. At that time, I was faced with the biggest personal difficulty.  With the support from Dewayne and William, I opened a shop on eaby and continued to work on fishing gear supply. I was very lucky to become a big seller of fishing gear in a year.
However, the business of a large number of fishing gear stores in Brandon did not recover soon. I began to sell their products online, and this strategy also brought a great turnaround to my fishing gear business. With the help of our partners, we have established Brandon United fishing gear shopping, which aims to cooperate with the main fishing gear stores in bran don to provide high-quality products for fishermen.

Until today, our tradition continues. If you have a large number of fishing gear products in your hand and you are not ready to continue selling them, we can help you sell them at a discount, of course, provided that the quality of your products is good enough. We won't make money from this business, so you can contact us boldly.